"It's crazy to think I was in such a bad place last year and before that. Thanks for always having faith in me even when I couldn't see any potential in myself." -Bridgett

Nonprofits have an unique ability to fill gaps with innovative programs that will directly impact the trajectory of the addiction epidemic we are facing. Addiction Haven believes in collaboration and working with organizations that are willing to think outside the box and address immediate needs of those who have “fallen thru the cracks”. Your donation will directly support new on demand services for youth, families, and those without funds to access treatment. Everyone deserves a chance at recovery with proper supports!

Addiction Haven has been working directly with youth, families, and providers for the past two years and statistics show that 1 in 3 families are affected by addiction with those numbers only increasing. Our youth are under increasing pressures to perform at high levels which is increasing the prevalence of depression, anxiety, self harm, eating disorders, and substance use. The only way to truly reverse this epidemic is to decrease the demand and support those struggling to find their own empowered path as Bridgett has done. You are the key to unlocking help for many more!