Current Projects in progress for 2017:

  • Pharmacy Education-Naloxone
  • Peer Support Program for Homeless and Foster Youth
  • Peer Support Program for Overdose Outreach
  • Sober Living/Treatment Center Naloxone Training
  • Patient Brokering Ban and Awareness
  • Successful Opening of Recovery Tract at Sun Valley High School ‘17-’18 school year
  • Association of Recovery Schools Conference
  • 18th annual Summer Institute Conference- Presentation on Youth Recovery


Pharmacy Education-Naloxone- In 2016 legislative session Arizona passed HB2355 which allowed laypeople access to naloxone. In January 2017 the Arizona Pharmacy Board created regulations for naloxone to be distributed OTC at pharmacies however the dissemination of information has left many pharmacies in the dark about what is legal. Addiction Haven has created a coordinated volunteer effort to educate pharmacies on: current legislation, where to get training to dispense OTC, and an ask for them to stock naloxone.


Peer Support Program for homeless/foster youth- Every school district has a homeless/foster youth liaison. Addiction Haven in collaboration with the school liaisons have created a peer support program for those youth who struggles with substance use themselves or has a parent who struggles. Early intervention and support is critical for prevention and curbing the current epidemic of addiction.


Peer Support Program for Overdose Outreach- Currently when someone comes into the hospital for an overdose they are released when stable with either nothing or a resource sheet. This program would dispatch a peer to the hospital to support the person who suffered an overdose and their family members with resources and information. After discharge peer support would stay in contact with patient for 7-10 days as the time after overdose is crucial in preventing further overdoses and placing into treatment.


Sober Living/Treatment Center Naloxone Training- In partnership with Sonoran Prevention Works, Addiction Haven’s goal is to have naloxone on site at all sober living homes and treatment centers. Included in training will also be components of recognizing warning signs of impending relapse and how to help.


Patient Brokering Ban/Awareness- Unethical treatment and marketing practices are increasing and putting people struggling with addiction in dangerous situations. Patient brokering has been banned in Florida and many other states however Arizona is lacking a ban of their own. Because of this and the beautiful weather here it has made Arizona a haven for unethical treatment centers. Last year HB was introduced however a single legislator was able to block it from moving along the legislative path. This year we need to have a loud and collective voice to move this bill forward.


Successful Opening of Recovery Tract at Sun Valley High School ‘17-’18 school year- Recovery high schools are a critical component in addressing youth recovery needs. Sun Valley High School is committed to offering this program for youth in recovery that combines education with a supportive recovery environment. SVHS will be collaborating with The Pathway Program and Full Circle who will be providing the outside recovery support teens in recovery need. Addiction Haven’s role is to inform school districts, treatment centers, and other youth providers that this school setting exists and act as a liaison between youth’s family and school to ensure enrollment.