Advocacy Day 2018

Sign up for our 3rd Annual Advocacy Day at the State Capitol on January 11, 2018!!

Join us to educate legislators on addiction, recovery, and upcoming legislation! This year we have secured the Senate Lawn and will be having a larger event. We will be providing lunch for Legislators and staff and also have speakers and a more formal event. Meeting with your individual legislators is an integral part of this day so please indicate your availability so we can schedule the appointments. Your zip code is crucial so that we can pair you with the correct district! Your voice not only matters but is desperately needed! All materials and training will be provided!

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Unethical Treatment Practices

It is widely known that unethical practices have infiltrated our treatment industry; patient brokering, fraudulently purchasing insurance, deceptive marketing practices, etc. With very little oversight and even less regulations, the addiction treatment industry has proven it is not capable of policing itself. It is time for us to act and with one voice in order to bring legislation that would put an end to these practices and give voice to those who are not able to speak for themselves. Addiction Haven has penned a letter to Governor Ducey and other members of our government with an ask to come to the table and bring adequate protections into our industry.

If you support raising the bar in the addiction treatment industry, please sign your name and/or organization to this letter. 

For Organizations sign here:

For Individuals sign here: