Addiction Haven

is a grassroots organization empowering individuals, connecting communities, and "changing the conversation" surrounding addiction thru advocacy, educational programs, collaboration, and community events.

Current Projects

There are so many facets in addiction and recovery. Learn about current projects such as expanding youth recovery, special events, and more!

Arizona Advocacy

Do you live in Arizona? Follow 2017 legislation that includes banning patient brokering, Good Samaritan, fair hiring practices, and criminal justice reforms here. YOUR voice matters! Will you join us?

Recovery IS Possible!

There should be no shame in addiction, no one chooses to have substance use disorder, however society tends to believe it's a moral failing partly because they lack education about what life with addiction truly looks like. It's time we stand together, tall and proud, and fight for ourselves and our families.


Addiction Haven is a grassroots organization that is volunteer led and every dollar counts! Thank you for investing in youth recovery and advocacy!


Collaboration is the key to true change! By becoming a Volunteer you directly impact the youth and most disadvantaged in our community! Recovery is possible!


Where do you go when you or someone you love need help?  Here is a list of vetted and trusted resources from prevention to recovery including family support!


Executive Director: Angie Geren

Angie Geren empowers individuals and connects  communities by giving a voice to the voiceless and providing hope to the hopeless. Angie knows first hand the heartache, shame, guilt, and judgment that addiction brings with it and this fuels her passion to bring love back into the equation. Angie’s own struggle with addiction, her daughter’s self harm, and her brother’s death from overdose has inspired her to lobby for better laws, expand youth recovery, advocate for parents, those in active addiction and recovery alike, organize candlelight vigils and education events. Angie is committed to changing the conversation surrounding prevention, treatment, and creating recovery ready communities. Addiction does not discriminate and knows no boundaries; which is why Addiction Haven, an organization that educates, supports, and collaborates with love and understanding is her passion. No one should be so ashamed of their struggles that they hide in the dark and don’t reach out for help.  Angie wants them to know there will always be a safe, non-judgmental home for all facets of addiction and for all those affected by it!

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